Oct 192011

If you’ve begun to notice that the interest rate on your current card has increased or the terms or rewards are not as favorable as they use to be it might be time to look for a credit card balance transfer.

The credit card companies are changing quite a bit in order to comply with new rules as well as to acquire new customers. Sometimes, credit card companies don’t fully appreciate their current customers.  A transfer to another card, preferably with a 0% intro APR, might just be the thing you need to help get your finances back in your control.

To understand just how much you stand to save, BalanceTransfers.com has a handy balance transfer calculator that will allow you to enter in your current balance and APR in order to see your potential savings.  It’s quite an easy process and one that might even help you get your finances in order.

Using the services on the site you can easily scan for good deals on cards like 0% Chase credit cards or possibly a citibank balance transfer. These options and some other good deals will be listed as you search with the various details of each card. You can get a clear sense at how transferring your balances to a better, lower rate card can benefit your financial situation.  It’s easy to get complacent and settle on your current card, but in the long run, you’re much better off taking some time to find the best credit card for you.

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Aug 182011

We like to talk a lot about ways to save money here at PF Journal, and we certainly like to discuss various ways to make money, but we can’t forget about the need to sometimes use credit cards to make some of our daily purchases. In fact, if you do it right using a good credit card you can usually save money and if you pick a good rewards card you can make a little extra money or get some nice travel rewards, or if you do want to carry a balance find a low APR credit card so you don’t spend too much on finance charges that can add up quickly.

The key is taking the time to use the right card (and ideally paying it off every month) and you can get that perfect card by utilizing a website that offers comprehensive credit card reviews and ratings, but make sure you know your credit rights.

So keep this in mind–a great way to insure that you’re getting the best new card you possibly can is by occasionally utilizing some credit card reviews to compare the assorted plans available.  It really shouldn’t take long to find a good credit card at a well laid out site, something like what financeglobe.com offers on their review pages.

Another great way to locate a good credit card is taking a look at what other people are saying about the different cards on a good finance forum. Other people are pretty opinionated about their financial decisions and they’re usually good about sharing their finance discoveries. Take advantage of their help and see what other people are recommending…or even those that are posting warning about things to avoid.

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Aug 022011

An excellent resource for consumers looking for information on a Green Dot Card can be found on the company’s Facebook page.  A lot of companies are realizing that it’s imperative to use the social networking resources available to them such as Facebook and Twitter. Green Dot is no exception and have utilized their Facebook page to really help consumers easily find what they need to know.

I found I was able to quickly identify some key pieces of data about the company as well as a place to ask questions or find promos.  In fact, the page is a convenient spot to keep up on any special promos or offers. I was able to find a couple of different special offers including a $10 bonus as well as a way to save on the $5.95 monthly fee. You can also find ways to get a card for free, meaning obtaining a card without the $4.95 activation fee.

As companies continue to realize the importance of using the social networks available to them, it is also key for consumers to take advantage of this resource and check on these pages occasionally for any good deals or promotions that the company is trying to put forward.

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Jul 312011

It’s always nice to know who you’re doing business with, especially if you’re relying on that company to deliver a good product and stand behind what they do. If you’ve ever bought a Green Dot Credit Card, you might be wondering if this is the case. You can see the details of their corporation on the Linkedin page affiliated with the company.

The Green Dot prepaid card serves as a convenient way to pay for things using funds that you’ve already put on the card. You can use the card wherever Visa and Master Card debit cards are accepted and there is no credit check or bank account needed to have and use the card. The Monrovia, California company itself was founded in 1999, so you know you’re dealing with a business that has been around for awhile. On their Linkedin page you can also see some of their new hires as well as some job openings, just in case you’re in the market for a new job.

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Jul 272011

We’ve recently covered the Green Dot Credit Card that you can buy and send money to reload your prepaid cards.  You can also buy a prepaid card from Green Dot and use this card to make purchases and pay bills just like you would any other traditional card. You can also withdraw fund from ATMs around the country without a surcharge.

The fees for a card like this can vary depending on where you buy the card and how you use it.  Most importantly, you want to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions that govern your particular card. You will likely save some money if you purchase the card online. There is often a monthly maintenance fee that is applied to the card, but this may also be reduced or eliminated if you make a certain number of purchases.

Using your card is simple and can be used anywhere that a Mastercard or Visa debit card is accepted. You can reload your card in a number of ways, including from a bank account or via a retailer. If you choose to use direct deposit there is generally not a fee whereas via a retailer there is, usually about $4.95.  You are not required to have a bank account and there is no need for a credit check to acquire or use the card. Remember, the card is prepaid so you put money on it and then use the card against that balance.

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Jul 262011

A traditional credit card can obviously be a convenient way to make purchases, buy gifts or pay for bills, but if you either choose not to have one or can’t obtain one a green dot credit card might be an alternative solution and a convenient way to reload a prepaid card.

Basically, unlike a normal credit card where you make purchases with the card and then pay off the balance, a green dot credit card allows you to put money on the card first and then use the card to make payments or send money to a variety of partners that accept the card or reload a prepaid card. It also allows you to send money to PayPal and is the only way to do so without a bank account.

The fee for a MoneyPak card is $4.95 and you can put amounts from $20 to $500 at stores like CVS, Walgreens and KMart and up to $1,100 at WalMart.  Once the balance of the card has run out, you cannot reload the card.

You should treat your card like you would cash and protect it very carefully.  The MoneyPak site has a list of approved partners so that you can protect yourself against fraud.

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Aug 262010

We’ve recently been discussing ways to take care of your finances, particularly the credit cards you choose to carry, by possibly transferring your balances to a new card. It almost always pay to keep up on the credit cards you use and make sure you’re getting the best possible rates and terms you can.

A great way to make sure you’re getting the best new card you possibly can is by periodically performing some credit card reviews to compare the various plans available.  It doesn’t take long to perform a quick scan of the various reviews on the site, especially since financeglobe.com has made their site so simple and easy to use.

Some people are not particularly picky on the brand of credit card they are using or whether or not it is a mastercard or visa credit cards.  However, if you do have a preference you can choose from either company as well as other popular choices.

Take a few minutes and review the options available at financeglobe.com and make sure you’re still getting the very best rate and terms.  New rules have recently made it more important than ever to keep up on your credit cards and a quick review will ensure that you’ve done your homework and are making the best decisions for your personal financial well-being.

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Aug 192010

The credit card industry has been changing quite a bit lately and this could be a good time to rethink the cards you’re using and perhaps take advantage of a credit card balance transfer.  Over time, your interest rate on your current card may have increased or the terms may have become unfavorable to you.  Sometimes, credit card companies don’t fully appreciate their current customers.  A transfer to another card, preferably with a 0% intro APR, might just be the thing you need to help get your finances back in your control.

To understand just how much you stand to save, BalanceTransfers.com has a handy balance transfer calculator that will allow you to enter in your current balance and APR in order to see your potential savings.  It’s quite an easy process and one that will ultimately help your bottom line.

Some of the options that BalanceTransfers.com can offer you are 0% Chase credit cards as well as a citibank balance transfer.  These options and some other good deals will be listed as you search with the various details of each card.  This will allow you to clearly see just how transferring your balances to a better, lower rate card can benefit your financial situation.  Remember, as the credit card industry makes changes you need to be prepared to make decisions to help save you money.  It’s easy to get complacent and settle on your current card, but in the long run, you’re much better off taking some time to find the best credit card for you.

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Feb 202010

There are changes on the horizon in the credit card world, presumably to help consumers from getting gouged from the credit card companies. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 is designed to lower unfair fees and reduce overly high interest rates as well as eliminate other questionable policies.

There are, however, several loopholes that the credit card companies can use to sidestep some of these new regulations and consumers should be aware of them.

This article in the Washington Post covers a few of these and is worth the time to read.  The author mentions ways in which the companies can still charge high rates as well as unnecessary fees.

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Sep 252008

Understanding your credit card’s credit limit is an important facet of owning and using a card.  We all know you can get into trouble exceeding your limit, and that trouble could lead to fees as well possibly a higher interest rate on your card as well as a lower credit score.

CNN/Money has a pretty concise article listing some of the benefits to not only knowing your credit card limit, but also the advantages of increasing that limit.  The article notes that keeping a low debt-to-limit ratio is a good move since the “lower your debt-to-limit ratio, the better your credit score will be. And to that end, there are two basic ways to improve your debt utilization: raise your credit limit or lower your debt.”

The article goes on to list some of the pitfalls you should avoid with credit cards making the point that “signing up for new cards to boost your total available credit and make your debt utilization appear lower can work against you…and opening new accounts can even lower your credit score”

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Aug 212008

Most people don’t need an excuse to use a credit card and the various incentives like cash back, rewards and frequent-flier miles make using a credit card all the more tempting and finding the right credit card all that much more important.

An interesting article in the NY Times brings up some good point to help you gauge the real value of a frequent-flier credit card, noting that “it may make more sense to change the credit card you use, not the airline you fly.”

The article goes on to list some of the changes that airlines have recently implemented with regards to frequent-flier miles and then asks some questions for you to think about regarding your credit card usage and flying habits.  It ultimately points out that “if you’re a big spending frequent traveler and think the value is still there in trading miles for upgrades, you may want to keep collecting miles via credit card spending. If you’re ready to switch to a new primary credit card, however, here are three other types of rewards cards that will probably be most appealing.”

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Jun 182008

Credit cards certainly have their place in our lives.  In fact, used correctly you can actually make some money or get free travel using your credit cards to buy things and pay bills from the various credit card reward plans available.  You can pick up some good ideas on what to look for in a credit card offer here at PFJournal.

The sad fact is, though, that most people aren’t so responsible with their credit cards.  A small purchase here and there turns into a couple of biggies and, next thing you know, you’re barely paying off the interest with minimum payments each month.

CNN/Money has a nice article on kicking the plastic habit.  They put forth some good ideas, even pointing out some benefits of giving up credit cards even if you don’t carry a balance, claiming that “studies find that paying with a card turns you into a different shopper, one who is less price sensitive and more extravagant. Forgo credit cards and you’ll run up a smaller tab when you shop, plain and simple.”

Lots of other good info in the article that should give you something to think about, even if it just helps you get your thoughts together on credit card spending and provides a different perspective on kicking the credit card habit.

Apr 082008

Although it use to be the case that only large companies and Fortune 500 firms could have Visa gift cards with their logo or insignia, it is now possible to create your own card so that customers can buy a visa gift card with your own company logo or personalized image.

These cards are great ideas for customer prizes, employee bonuses or incentives, holiday gifts, sale incentives and much, much more. You can design your own logo, use your own image or photograph, or use one of the hundreds of designs available. There is no minimum order and your cards can be printed up and mailed out to you within 48 hours of your selection. This is a great way to add that special touch to make a gift card a much more personalized present.

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Dec 262007

From time to time, you may have received an offer from www.sendmethecard.com. This offer would usually be for a pre-approved credit card application and it would come from Chase bank. Note, however that you still have to be approved to receive the card and you might not even qualify.

A better bet would be to compare a host of credit card options that are available from the sendmethecard mail offer, some featuring low interest rates, 0% rate offers and reward cards. You can compare many different offers at once at SmartCreditChoices.com including the great deals mentioned above.

The benefit of comparing several different offers is simply because there is no one credit card that suits each different individual. Some folks need to have a card that will give them rewards such as points used to travel or cash back on their purchases while others really want a card with a low interest rate, especially on credit card balance transfers and purchases.

By comparing different offers, a consumer can save money and not get locked into a card that doesn’t suit your needs. A simple Google search will reveal many different credit card offers, but the terms and conditions are not always easy to discern. The comparison charts on Smart Credit Choices allow a quick and easy method to identify the right card without the confusion of a typical offer.

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Dec 192007

Since it’s been in the news so much lately, there is really no secret that many Americans are now facing debt problems and are in need of credit and debt counseling. This help includes either debt consolidation and management as well as credit card relief. The Credit Exchange Corporation is a great resource to use in order to seek out financial services since they use an affiliate network of debt consolidation and debt management companies.

Basically, The Credit Exchange Corporation reviews their affiliates thoroughly in order to find trustworthy referral companies that customers can best use to find the best credit and debt counseling for their specific needs. They provide referrals for several types of financial services like Financial Analysis, credit and debt counseling and debt settlement. As Americans increasingly find themselves with debt problems, services like this many become more and more invaluable.

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