Dec 272012

Despite our best efforts, there are times that our finances might either get out of control or simply take a negative turn.  We certainly focus on strategies here at PFJournal to save money, make money, budget our expenses and so forth, but now and again we have to turn to a way to solve some problems. In the case of debt, it might simply be time to consider a good debt settlement  strategy.

A good place to find some useful information and seek help, especially debt settlement for Canadians, is the law office of Cockburn & Associate. As they mention on their website, the firm “understands that paying off your debts while undergoing a financial hardship can be a difficult and intimidating process. Our goal is to facilitate the settlement process while educating our clients.” With this in mind, the firm offers an abundant amount of advice on their website, laying out exactly what a debt settlement plan might look like and how it might help you.

If you’re ready pursue a debt help strategy and think debt settlement might help you, spend some time going over the resources they offer and utilize some of the expertise that Sheila Cockburn can offer.  She has nearly a decade of legal experience in the areas of debt collections, business transactions and intellectual property dealing with litigation and prosecution matters and is licensed to practice law in the United States or Canada.

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Nov 212012

Personal finance can oftentimes involve skills akin to tight-rope walking. You need to find just the right balance of saving, money management, budgeting and income to make sure you have enough to cover your expenses, save for emergencies, invest for the future and so forth. Every now and again, of course, you might find the need to acquire a new loan to cover some unforeseen expenses or other necessary expenditures.

One way to acquire some funds is to use your car’s value to obtain a car title loan. In this case, if you’re in Florida, you can contact Gainesville Title Loans and you will use your car’s title as collateral for a loan, generally a short-term, flexible one that doesn’t even require a credit check. Simply put, the value that you’ve already paid into your car is used as the equity to secure the loan.

The value of a car title loan will obviously depend on what type of car you have and the value and condition of that car. The average loan is anywhere from $500 to $15,000, and you can usually obtain the funds the same day you apply for the loan. Once you obtain the loan you can then use the funds however you choose–the money can be deposited into your bank account and used for any type of expense you might have. You may even choose to use the money you get from a car, truck or van title loan to fund an investment you have your eye on or a good stock or foreign currency trade.

The loans are certainly a convenient way to obtain some much needed capital, and Gainesville Title Loans makes the process quick and easy. The offer a short form with just the basic amount of information needed and you can get the process up and started immediately.

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Aug 092012

In the course of our discussions about debt, money management and various personal finance issues, it is clear that there is a need for a brief discussion on different aspects of debt management. In particular, a good distinction should be made between debt consolidation and credit counseling, and ultimately, at least in this article, determine what exactly  the debt consolidation benefits are since there are different ways of dealing with debt problems.

First, it’s helpful to lay out some of the key highlights of a debt consolidation program.

  • Debt consolidation can help save you a lot of money from the principal amount on the debt. The terms differ with each different settlement, but it is possible to have the principal reduced.
  • You can get your credit card paid off within a year or two. This is ideal since you won’t have to carry on this repayment for the next five years or so that sometimes can occur with other types of debt management.
  • You monthly payments are reduced to a level you can manage. You can get a payment that is within your budget so you’re not continually struggling to stay above water.
Now, here are some of the highlights of credit counseling for a comparison.
  • Depending on how much you owe, of course, credit counseling can take several years to finish.
  • You cannot usually pick the amount you can pay each month.
  • You are responsible for all of the principal on your debt as well as interest charges.
  • Usually, the fees associated with credit counseling are lower than with debt consolidation.

Ideally, whatever type of debt management program you choose to pursue, the best action is to fully educate yourself on all of your options and understand the future implications of your decision.

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Jun 252012

In the first installment of this series we explored some of the basic elements that make up debt management programs.  We wanted to give a general overview of what is involved and how this course of action could help somehow who might be in a position of needing a little help with their debt load.

As a followup to that overview, we thought it might me helpful to briefly lay out some of the pros and cons of a debt management plan.

Pros of Debt Management Plans:

  • A reduction in the amount you pay for debt each month. Very helpful in getting your finances back under control with a more manageable monthly payment schedule.
  • Elimination of the cost you might otherwise incur like late fee and over-the-limit fees.
  • No more pesky calls from numerous debt collection agencies looking to harass you for repayment.
  • You credit score is not as adversely affected as it would be if you would have had to declare bankruptcy.

Cons of Debt Management Plans

  • You have to stick to a strict payment plan based upon the terms of your agreement.
  • You will have limited or no use of credit cards for a couple of years until you get your situation under control.
  • You will not be able to get a car loan or a home mortgage at a good interest rate for a couple of years.
  • You will incur some costs that might be higher than if you were able to work out plans with your creditors by yourself.

There is obviously a lot to think about when it comes to seeking a debt management program, but for many people facing a situation of a heavy debt load that has gotten out of control, it might be a viable solution.

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May 102012

We’ve covered a lot of the different ways to help eliminate debt. In fact, we’ve featured quite a few stories and articles on saving money, paying off credit cards, budgeting your financial resources and paying off your debt.

There are times, however, when you are faced with a situation in which you need to take your debt reduction to the next level.  If you have high debt from credit cards, medical bills or other sources you can seek to consolidate those debts with the help of a professional. Debt Settlement would be an even further, move aggressive form of action to help you get back on your financial feet.

Consider some of the problems you might expect from excessive credit card debt.  You will likely begin to reach the upper levels of a very high APR making your interest rate on the debt increasingly hard to manage. A couple of late payments or other problems on your account will then cause high fees to add to your balance.  The situation becomes unmanageable quite quickly and you are very likely going to be paying much more than you borrowed in the first place. If you have a couple of cards, from trying to shuffle your debt around or simply due to acquiring too many cards, you will have the problem of paying multiple balances from a number of companies.

With a debt consolidation or settlement program, like one from a reputable company, you can get your payments to a manageable level with one monthly payment you can afford. You might also be able to negotiate a reduction in your balance and certainly a reduced monthly interest rate.

There are fortunately no upfront fees to get you started and other fees you pay for the service of a debt settlement are regulated. You can get started by talking with a trained professional and get a better understanding what kind of benefits you can expect should you choose to eliminate your debt in this manner.

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Apr 192012

Unfortunately, in spite of one’s best efforts, it is possible to get in some serious debt troubles. It might begin innocently enough, but if not controlled early it could just get out of hand. Below are some tips to help eliminate your debt troubles, and if already have collectors bothering you, stop collection harassment for good.

First of all, get organized. Make a thorough list of what you still owe and get your priorities straight. That might include putting putting all of your bills in a pile and going through them all, listing your debts in order. Make sure you know how much you owe on each one, how long overdue you are and what kind of interest rates you’re paying for each.

Try to eliminate you credit cards and don’t just roll over balances to new accounts. You might be able to get a better rate initially, but you’re likely to get lulled into a false sense of security that you have somehow eliminated the problem  Once you’ve paid off a card, contact the company and cancel it immediately. Don’t let them sweet talk you into keeping it open.

Make a thorough budget and spending plan.  Get control of you income and expenses and be able to track exactly how much comes in each month (or week), how much is required to pay for expenses and where that money is going. There are some nice, free online programs to help you get organized (eg and others).

Contact your creditors if you’ve fallen behind and try to get started on a payment plan. You’re much more likely to avoid a collection agency if you show your creditors you’re making a legitimate effort to pay.

If you feel you’re getting unfairly treated my debt collectors, know your rights and stop collection harassment California. Be aware that the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) exists in order to stop abusive practices. There are a number of things that debt collectors simply cannot do like calling at certain hours, using abusive language, calling you at work, and many more. Know your rights and contact a reputable consumer attorney if you need legal assistance.

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Dec 062011

Debt HelpAt PF Journal we like to focus most of our attention on either making or saving money. It’s certainly a much more interesting and productive way to focus on the future of your finances when you can concentrate on investing in stocks, budgeting your resources or picking the best rate on a credit card or a mortgage.

The sad fact, however, is that sometimes taking care of your future financial hopes entails cleaning up money troubles from the past. Due to the hard times that have hit the economy these past years many folks have had to resort to losing their homes and declaring bankruptcy.

Before you are able to file for personal bankruptcy, there are a few guidelines you have to follow due to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Among those is that within 180 days of filing you have to complete a credit counseling course. This course must be come from a government-approved organization and usually has a small charge.

After you’ve filed for bankruptcy you also have to complete a debtor’s education course before your debts are discharged. Some online resources may offer a reduced rate if you pay for both courses at the same time. You will receive a certificate after completing the courses and this will allow you to show proof that you have fulfilled the proper requirements.

The FTC has a convenient list of requirements to make sure you know what is expected of you, as well as a list of approved sources to obtain the courses you need.

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Oct 042011

If you can no longer afford your unsecured debt repayments as agreed, it’s important to find an approach that can improve your situation as soon as possible. The longer your debts remain unpaid, the longer interest and other charges will have to build up, which could lead to your debts becoming even more difficult to regain control of.

Debt management is one possible approach you could take to repaying your debts at an affordable rate again. But, as with all debt solutions, the advantages come with some disadvantages that you should be aware of too.

What is a debt management plan?

A debt management plan is a debt solution designed to help people get back on top of their monthly repayments again if they can no longer afford them. It’s an informal agreement, so the courts aren’t involved, just the borrower and their lenders – and a debt management company as well, if the borrower decides that’s the best way to handle things.

If a debt management plan is considered the most suitable approach, your lenders would be asked to accept reduced monthly repayments you should confidently be able to make – as they’re worked out to be affordable after your essential monthly costs have been covered.

If your lenders agree to the plan, you’ll start making a single, affordable payment every month to the debt management company, who will distribute money among your lenders, until you’ve repaid your debts in full, or until an improvement in your circumstances allows you to start making your original payments once again.

If you’re looking for debt management in Scotland, speak to a professional debt adviser to find out if a debt management plan is appropriate.

What are the negative effects of a debt management plan?

A debt management plan could be an ideal way of repaying your unsecured lenders if you’re struggling to afford your monthly payments.

However, there are some ‘negatives’ that should be taken into account as well, before you make a decision.

As it’s a non-legally binding agreement, a debt management plan has an advantage in that the courts aren’t involved; it can be more flexible than some other debt solutions. On the other hand, it means your lenders are under no obligation to accept lower payments all the way through, until your debts have been paid off in full.

Also, as you’ll be making smaller payments, you’ll also be repaying your lenders over a longer period, which could end up costing you more overall (if your lenders don’t freeze/reduce interest and charges), as the interest you’ll have to repay will build up over that time too.

Finally, ‘breaking’ the terms of your original agreements (the ones you signed when you initially borrowed money) will affect your credit rating for six years, which may affect your ability to get further credit during this time. But since debt management could only be suitable if you can’t afford your payments as agreed, it’s quite likely that your credit record has been damaged already.

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Aug 312011

If you’ve had to make the hard decision to seek this solution then taking an online bankruptcy course can at least help fulfill the requirements you need to begin filing while affording you the chance to learn some solid financial information. Of course the path to bankruptcy is obviously not a pleasant one as it is likely riddled with misfortune and economic hardship, but once you’ve made the commitment to getting things under control and having your debt discharged a good course will not only take care of the obligations of the law but might help you learn more about your personal finance situation.

The courses offered at can be completed from the comfort of your home at a pace with which you’re comfortable. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the information you need with an interactive, web-based course.  You’ll also have access to a customer service team in case you have questions during the process of completing your bankruptcy class online.

After filing for your bankruptcy you are also required to complete a credit counseling course before your debt can be discharged.  You can buy this online course also at StartFreshToday either independently or in conjunction with the pre-filing course at a discount. Again, you’ll have the chance to complete the course at home, at your convenience and pace, and a certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the course.

These online courses can certainly help you to not only fulfill the requirement of the law, but help you to better understand your spending habits, budgeting and debts. You’ll also get a chance to review the essentials of a good, sound financial planning so you’ll be able to have a fresh start and a new perspective following your bankruptcy.

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Aug 162011

Best way to get out of debt is consolidation

When you are stuck in debt muddle due to juggling multiple credit cards or a host of other loans, debt consolidation programs may help to resolve your debt problems. The debt consolidation method operates in different ways. Typically, a debtor can choose to do it by himself or may prefer to enroll in a debt consolidation company. When working with a company, it offers its client the most custom made solution as per his specific situation.

When you are using the services of a consolidation company, it arranges a single monthly payment for you. However, you can also make payments on a weekly basis. During the extended loan term you can pay more than the minimum amount at any point of time without any penalties. The consolidation process aims to give you a lower interest rate by merging your multiple debts. It offers you the flexibility to pay down your outstanding debt by consolidating different borrowing options.

Consolidation by balance transfer is another way to help you get out of your debt. You purchase a low interest consolidation card and make your payment through it. Instead of paying separately to all individual creditors, you pay only through a single card and get a lower interest rate.

If you try your way with unsecured consolidation loan, you can get an introductory grace period. During this period you will have to pay only 0% to 3% interest. However, with expiration of the grace period, you will be obligated to pay more on interest.

In order to lower the interest rate of your consolidation loan, you have to apply for a secured loan. Tapping the equity of your house could be a way to reduce interest rate. Assuming the appreciation of home value, it could be a wise option for a debtor.

Debt consolidation may have a negative impact on your credit status as it downgrades your credit score. Still, it is far better than filing bankruptcy if compared to the impact on your credit score.

Consolidation scams are also getting wide spread these days. You must look after that your payment to the consolidation firm is being delivered to your original creditors in due time.

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Jul 102011

Every once in a while you need a little money to either make a payment on a bill or pay for an unexpected emergency such as a broken car, a home repair or a medical expense. It’s not always easy to come up with the money if you don’t have a little back up savings.  It might be even more difficult if you have poor credit. However, the services of eLoanPersonal can help you find a small personal loan to get you through your difficult situation.

If you’re looking for a personal loan for poor credit because you’re in a position in which you have to pay for some expense that you hadn’t expected, getting the money might be a problem, especially on short notice. has a database of nationwide lenders and can help you obtain the best personal loan for your unique situation.

You simply fill out a short online form and wait about 90 seconds for your approval.  Even if you have bad credit you will likely be able to obtain the funds you need.  In fact, four out of five applicants are able to be approved for a small personal loan.

Once you short application has been approved you will have the money deposited in your bank account and you can have access to the money to help you with your problem. You will likely have the money deposited in your account within 24 hours, and even as quickly as one hour.  The fees and terms for your loan are carefully and fully laid out so you understand exactly what is expected of you in order to pay back the loan.

Jan 122011

Debt can obviously be a burdensome and troubling financial development in anyone’s life.  If debt troubles get out of control and begins to affect one’s credit there can be serious long term repercussions. In my opinion, one of the most useful services to utilize if you find yourself in debt trouble is to seek debt consolidation loans. There is clearly no one single solution to meet any and all circumstances, but with the right assistance and advice, a debt crisis can be eliminated and eventually removed.

Debt consolidation advice can vary from different websites, and that is why it is necessary to seek out the best services and expertise. It is helpful to clearly understand the differences between the assorted debt solution like debt management plans versus debt settlement plans.  If you’re an individual with unsecured debt and you find you need assistance with debt consolidation and some free credit counseling, make sure you look for the best solution to fit your specific, unique needs.

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Nov 222010

Generally speaking, payday loans are meant to help someone out who is in need of a short-term loan that will be repaid quickly, ideally in the next paycheck period or so. Sometimes, however, these loans are not paid back immediately and incur fees that begin to accrue and get added to the original fee. This cycle can get out of hand rather quickly, but fortunately there are ways that you can get payday loan help if you are in a position where you have payday loans or cash advance debts.

If you’re in an unending cycle of higher and higher fees that are making it impossible to pay down you payday loan then a payday loan consolidation from has a program to help get your debt under control. At there website you can enter some basic information for a free consultation to see the best way to lower your current payment, stop the late fees, get out of the unending cycle of payday loan fees and ultimately eliminate your payday loan debt for good.

Mar 232009

This last year or so has been a rough time for many folks. Obviously, you can’t avoid the bad news as headline after headline features more dire predictions about the economy and more sad stories of people losing their jobs and homes. We’re seeing more and more people falling into debt and looking for ways of reducing debt. The good news is that there are resources and services designed to help people solve their debt problem and get their finances in order.

Debt Free Destiny has created a place where you can obtain information on a number of different debt and credit problems and solutions. These include things like debt settlement, credit counseling, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and more. You can obtain a free, no obligation consultation on their website to help guide you through the maze of choices and decision you need to make when faced with reducing or eliminating your debt.

The years of easy credit and the endless flow of money appear to over for now and it’s really time to get serious about any lingering debt problems you might have.  Your debt load might feel out of control, but it’s crucial that you get it worked out.  The folks at have the resources and information to help you claw your way back into a prosperous and healthy financial future.

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Jan 182009

Structured settlements can certainly be a handy method to settle a personal injury lawsuit.  In fact, the financial agreement is an often overlooked tool to help the parties in a lawsuit reach an agreement that is acceptable to both the injured party and the defendant.  In this case, instead of a, sometimes, large lump sum settlement, the structured settlement would spread the compensation out over an extended time period.  It is also possible, however, to sell structured settlements if you find you later need access to a lump sum amount.

In the case of selling an annuity payment like a structured settlement, you would be able to get the money now instead of waiting months or years to receive the total of your payment.  You can basically get direct access to your cash.

The folks at Settlement Capital do not plan or structure a settlement, but they can help you if you are looking to Sell Structured Settlements.  They are experts in the field of specialty financing, working since 1988 to provide payments in the secondary market of structured settlements.  They can help you understand the implications of such payments and get you a free quote so you can know exactly what you’re looking at should you choose to pursue this option.

In addition to obtaining a free quote, you can educate yourself on the nuances of structured settlements and other annuity payment options. Settlement Capital also has an informative blog and podcast for even more, varied  and timely information.  If you’ve been looking to SELL STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS you should definitely spend some time on their website or contact them soon.