Nov 212012

Consider the assorted times you have spent scouring the internet looking for a quick diversion, something to while away the time in order to find some entertainment. The truth is, personal finance reviews and managing your money is not always the most fun business to undertake. We spend quite a bit of time looking for ways to save, avenues to invest our money, ways to eliminate our debt, deals to save on our loans and so forth.

As an alternative to these more serious pursuits and past times, it’s nice to unwind and have some fun. Free slots is a great app that lets you play the slot machines on Facebook.  It is definitely okay to relax a bit and the games on Facebook are usually enjoyable. The selection can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s nice to find the free slots fever app where you know you’re going to get a high quality gaming experience.

One of the advantages to playing these types of games, especially from a personal finance point of view, is that you don’t have to spend all your money trekking to Las Vegas looking for your fix. The graphics are high quality, the sounds are just right, and the entire experience is a pretty good way to relax and enjoy yourself. Since it’s through Facebook, of course there is a great social aspect to the game and I like to play with some of my friends or family. There’s room for some friendly competition and you can team up with others to have a lot of fun.

We take our journey to financial responsibility and independence pretty serious here at, but we have to remember that there is more to life than saving money and paying bills. Sometimes unwinding with a good game helps us to focus later when we need to get down to the more serious aspects of our lives.

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Sep 302012

We focus a lot of our attention here at PF Journal on personal finance and those types of issues and concerns that come up with one’s own or one’s household financial issues. These can span topics like investing, mortgages, credit cards, debt help, stock ideas and so forth.

Increasingly, especially considering folks are looking to start their own businesses, people are looking for information on starting a small business or, more specifically, small business credit. As larger businesses look to cut back on staff and those people affected by this shift are venturing out on their own, it only makes sense to try to address some of the financial and credit concerns facing a small business.

Entrepreneurs looking to find an informative site for information on small business financial concerns and articles on small business credit would be served well to start at The handy thing about this site is that there is a lot of information in one convenient location. You can find out why you might need business credit as well as develop an understanding on the difference between business and personal credit.

Additionally, not only is there general advice and articles, there’s a good list of small business credit cards and the advantages of utilizing credit for your small business.  It’s certainly hard enough setting up a small business and making it a success, so you want to make sure you’re conversant on thoroughly informed on the ins and outs of small business credit.

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Sep 172012

Finding a team of expert professionals is a key in just about any field if you’re looking to find the very best service, advice and expertise. This fact is pretty clear when you’re dealing in the realm of finances, investments and personal finance. There are, to be sure, areas where a little self-education is key and a do-it-yourself attitude is warranted and appropriate.

Things become a bit more murky when you’re dealing with a very specialized field, especially one like chemical investment banking. It’s not a bad idea to inform yourself about a topic and get a firm understanding of what you’re getting into, but when negotiations start getting important you had better have a qualified team at your disposal.

Consider the experts at the Valence Group.  This company, consisting of a team of professionals with “many years (and multiple cycles) exclusively in these highly specialised sectors” is a chemical mergers and acquisitions powerhouse.  The founders and senior members of the company have worked together for over a decade and, collectively, “have over 150 years of transactional experience” withing the fields of investment banking and chemical companies.

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Sep 072012

Despite all of the information about credit scores that is available and the repeated warnings about maintaining good credit, it is still sometimes befuddling for many people to fully understand what a credit score is, how it affects their finances and how to make it better (or worse).  We’ve certainly discussed it here at PFJournal more than a few times and the topic is sure to pop up in many different types of discussions. Still, finding a comprehensive guide to what you need to know is not always easy to locate.

Monitoring your Credit Report and Score are certainly important and the good news is that the folks over at have put together a lengthy articles on the ins and outs of you credit score. It features basics like what the score is but also goes into detail on the different elements that can affect the score like your payment history, debt, new credit, types of credit and so forth.

The article also lays out who sees your credit score and how they can use it, and this leads to why it’s so important to monitor your score and maintain your good credit.  There are some great tips on improving your score, understanding what a good score is and how this good score can help you buy a house or obtain some other type of loan.  They finally feature a few places you can get your credit score for free.

It’s definitely worth spending the time going through the article and developing a better sense of what exactly a credit score is and how it impacts your personal finance situation.

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Aug 242012

You might be starting to think a bit about the end of the year tax time paperwork, and if you’re a small business that makes payments to contractors you’re probably aware of the 1099K form.
Or, perhaps you’re a self-employed person who does work for a variety of other companies. Well, you can expect to get a 1099K form.
To clear up any confusion you might have about this form, the folks at have a very useful page of information on their website that covers the ins and outs of this form.
They’ve also put together this fun little info-graphic with some interesting tax tidbits

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
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Aug 152012

By now you’ve spent some time going through the budget, recovering from summer vacations and fun, and maybe even getting ready for the holidays. First things first, though, is getting the kids back to school with a list of must-have supplies, clothing, shoes, etc. If your children wear eyeglasses then you are probably on the hunt for some good deals on eyewear as well.

One of the great things about the internet on online shopping is being able to find some good deals on quality products, somethings that was either impossible a few years ago or at least quite unlikely. Consider an online retailer such as Zenni Optical.  They’ve eliminated the middleman from the process of finding high quality yet affordable eyeglasses.  This allows you to shop directly from them online to find the right product at a great price.  As they say on their website:  “We feel prescription eyeglasses are a health item necessity for most wearers, and to that end we take considerable pride in being able to bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.”

If you’re in the market for new glasses for the kids this year just in time for back to school–or if you’re simply looking for yourself–you could certainly save some money and time by looking through the Zenni website, using their “frame fit” program to “try-on” a great frame for your face and find the right glasses you need. Remember too, all of their glasses have an anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, a protective case and cleaning cloth and thin and light 1.57 index lens.

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Jul 222012

Are you always trying to experiment with new ways to save money? Well, there are certainly a lot of things we mention on this site that do just that like efficient budgeting, saving money, investing and looking for great loan and credit deals. These personal finance methods all add up to create an overall system that will help you get your own finances in order.

Well, consider some things that you might spend money on that aren’t absolutely necessary, but are sure nice to have. These little things add up over time and in the end let you have some of the things you like while still staying within an overall budget. Think of one good example, let’s say ringtones for iphone. You can certainly spend a bit of money experimenting with different ways to get new ringtones, but there are apps that will give you a lot of options to try a nearly continual stream of new ringtones to find the one you really like.

There is one app from Gemerix within iTunes that is certainly worth a try that has some pretty strong features and some really good reviews. Within this app you’ll get features like being able to browse a huge collection of ringtones on the iPhone and search by different things like a category or name. You can also use songs that are on your iPod library to make ringtones and then trim them just how you’d like. If you’re a creative sort, with this app you can also record and then customize your very own ringtones using the mic.

Instead of spending load of money downloading an endless stream of different ringtones to try, you can just use this app and have a bit of fund while you’re at it.

The reviews are pretty strong here as well, including statements like “I’ve tested different apps but this one is better than all of them. It’s intuitive, easy to use and the interface is simply stunning” and another that states that “the ringtones bank is HUGE and the quality is great. The sounds are fresh and unique.”

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Jul 142012

Keeping track of your personal financial world can be a complex and ever-changing exercise. There are times when everything falls into place–the bills are paid, money is saved, investments grow, college expenses are covered, retirement is planned and so forth. Other times, however, life throws a little curve ball and debts accrue, bills are overlooked and emergencies happen.

The need for a payday loan doesn’t necessarily arise very often, but when it does it can really be a life saver. There are just some cases when a financial emergency requires some extra funds. Consider unforeseen medical expenses, car repairs, school fees, hospital bills and other expenses that might come from nowhere. These surprises can really put the family’s budget under pressure, or even worse, cause some serious financial hardship if not covered quickly. A few late bills due to moving fund elsewhere to cover an emergency, and suddenly a snowball effect begins and things get out of control fast.

There are certainly local options available for many people to find a quick loan, but you really can’t beat the convenience of a payday loan online. You can generally get approval very quickly, without a credit check or a bank account, and without having to bother faxing endless paperwork. Once approved, you can get your funds within an hour deposited into your account.

Simply put, acquiring payday loans online is the right kind of solution for certain situations. We wouldn’t want to have to rely on it on a regular basis. Indeed, it’s really just the kind of resource you would want to utilize when getting some money quickly to cover a financial emergency so that your family can cover expenses that need to be paid now. Make sure to take the time to fully understand the terms of the loan, and make sure you pay make the loan under those terms.  You certainly don’t want to make problem worse by making new debt of ruining your future credit. However, used correctly, these types of solutions might just help you when you need them most.

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Jun 242012

Personal finance education is a pretty big part of what we discuss on PFJournal.  Some of the basics like budgeting, saving money, controlling your debt, hunting down good deals on credit cards and mortgages, and other key financial tools are all a part of the learning process. Tied to this concept is a good understanding of mathematics and other basics that should be learned early and practiced often.

Of course, learning the basics are necessary, but not everyone learns at the same rate or with the same tools in their background. In fact, some people need a little help now and again with learning some difference concepts and completing their homework or other schoolwork projects. An excellent resource to help overcome this difficulty can be found with tutors online.

An online tutor, like the ones found at on the web at sites like Tutorhub, can be a real life saver for students looking for a little help with their homework, specific problems that might be stumping them, or more long-term help. You can find numerous types of qualified tutors there and really tailor a program, using a pay-as-you-go type system, to suit your specific needs. Working out problems online with a good tutor can really help lay the groundwork for further education and, when it comes to things like personal finance, can help prepare students for all types of situations that will be faced later.

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Jun 142012

I have been reminded recently of some interesting facts regarding the need for specialization and the problem of finding a service within a specific industry. The truth is, the generalists of the past still have their place but increasingly, and I think this will continue, sometimes you really just need to find a specialist. For instance, if you are looking for an expert in chemical mergers and acquisitions, it would be folly to compromise with a company that wasn’t keenly aware of the intricacies of that field.

It’s certainly the case that certain sectors are just more conducive to working with experts and the appropriate team that can pull together and leverage their collective strengths and expertise. Chemical investment banking concerns are going to be best addressed with experiences and contacts vital to that field.

I tell my readers continually to educate yourself and really drill down to find the kind of information that is useful for your specific needs. Oftentimes, there are perfectly useful resources that offer broad knowledge and general information. For more important decisions, both within personal finance, investments, real estate and so forth, you need to get a lot more selective with your resources and, if need be, go to the leader in that specific area in order to benefit from their more distinct knowledge.

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May 152012

The good folks at, who specialize in easy, business accounting online, have whipped up a very useful and informative infographic to help explain the new 1099-K tax form. Additionally, the graphic has some interesting tax facts for small business owners like overlooked deductions and common tax credits. They also have some fun tidbits like crazy tax write-offs and some celebrities who have run-up some tax issues.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
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May 052012

I think over the last few years we’ve all really honed our skills at sniffing out deals and saving money.  This practice includes our everyday financial transactions, our little now-and-again indulgences, certainly our big purchases, and even our necessities. If you wear glasses, you clearly have to pencil them into your budget somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

Cheap eyeglasses are available online, you just need to know where to look.  In fact, we’re really lucky at this point to have so many options because prices have dropped and quality is still high.

Consider an online website like Zenni Optical. Since they’ve eliminated the middleman and function on a limited ad budget your savings begins right away. Fortunately though, you can still get a quality pair of glasses (or two) that you’d expect to find at traditional retailers but a fraction of the cost.

I always encourage my readers to save money whenever possible, but you really don’t want to do so at the expense of a bad product. In the end you’ll probably spend more money. Also, you don’t want to mess up with something as important as your eyeglasses.

Zenni Optical, however, has features like an anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, a protective case and cleaning cloth and an anti-reflective coating available. You can use their “frame fit” to virtually try on the glasses you like to see if they work with your particular shape and features.  All-in-all, not a bad way to go and certainly a great way to find an inexpensive pair of quality glasses.

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Mar 132012

Keys to Success

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I was surprised how quickly I was able to get my home based business off the ground and running smoothly. Fortunately, one of the first things I did when setting myself up was install a Long Island T1 line. So far I have not been disappointed. I also spent a little extra money on my office computers and printers. Having faster computers has been a huge boost. Think of the productivity. My employees and I can get things done faster leaving us more time for other tasks. As far as the printer goes, it has more than paid for itself. For a little extra, I got one that can print high quality flyers and notecards. No more orders and trips to the printer. We can do them ourselves in house, all I have to do is make sure we have the correct paper on hand. Having spent several years in the business arena, I had a good handle on the things that help make a business successful, things that help employees succeed. Another good motivator? Be willing to buy lunch once in a while!

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Feb 202012

There are certainly a lot of advantages to running a small business like being your own boss and contributing to the local economy. With this freedom comes some responsibilities that are often overlooked when a business owner decides to take the plunge and start up a business.

One of the key aspects of running a small company is maintaining the books, even if it is likely not the most pleasant or enjoyable of tasks that is required. There are tools available that vary in both utility and price. An easy and affordable solution is the online accounting software from which offers a convenient tool that you can use to consolidate your finances and assorted accounting services.

Outright offers the use of the online accounting software with no charge for a basic account and the ability to purchase Outright Plus that offers more services and functionality. Really, though, there is quite a bit to get you started with a free account and it certainly can’t hurt to get started since it’s easy to setup and import data from existing accounts.

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Feb 042012

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

Does anyone else out there what the Kardashians as religiously as I do? I know that the really embarrassing thing to say as a grown adult but I just can’t get enough of those girls. When they first started out there were a lot more humble and their relationship was really cute but now that they are older and a lot more famous they really just bicker with each other all the time… It’s ridiculous. I actually went to the satellite place and changed my direct tv options to make sure I have the network they, on because I don’t like missing a single episode. I think my favorite of all the sisters has to be Khloe because she is so outspoken while at the same time being so down to earth which is something I think is really hard to find in a celebrity. I know some people want the worst for these girls but I think they are wonderful and I hope everything works out for them.

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