Sep 172012

Finding a team of expert professionals is a key in just about any field if you’re looking to find the very best service, advice and expertise. This fact is pretty clear when you’re dealing in the realm of finances, investments and personal finance. There are, to be sure, areas where a little self-education is key and a do-it-yourself attitude is warranted and appropriate.

Things become a bit more murky when you’re dealing with a very specialized field, especially one like chemical investment banking. It’s not a bad idea to inform yourself about a topic and get a firm understanding of what you’re getting into, but when negotiations start getting important you had better have a qualified team at your disposal.

Consider the experts at the Valence Group.  This company, consisting of a team of professionals with “many years (and multiple cycles) exclusively in these highly specialised sectors” is a chemical mergers and acquisitions powerhouse.  The founders and senior members of the company have worked together for over a decade and, collectively, “have over 150 years of transactional experience” withing the fields of investment banking and chemical companies.

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