Oct 302011

Saving money comes in different flavors and can be achieved in any number of ways.  I usually recommend finding ways to save in as many different areas of your life as possible as collectively these savings can really start to add up. Take, for example, the next time you shop for eyeglasses.  You definitely have some choices here, but if you’re not careful you can either end up paying too much or you can get a product that isn’t up to your standards.

Shopping around and then choosing an optical solution like Zenni makes good sense since they are an online retailer that knows what you need and doesn’t mess around with superfluous marketing gimmicks. They have no middlemen or retailers to mark up the price and they manufacture their own brand of ZENNI glasses.  In fact, they have prescription glasses starting from $6.95 on the site and a low flat rate shipping price.

Don’t be concerned about the inexpensive price, though, because their glasses all come with scratch resistant coating, UV protection, a protective case, cleaning cloth and an overall high quality product you would likely pay much more for in a more traditional optical store.

Again, you can save money in lots of ways and you can usually do so without sacrificing a quality product or experience.  You just need to do a little homework and spend the time hunting around for good prices and good quality. Not always an easy combination to find, but very rewarding when you get it right.

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