Nov 072012

It has become a regular habit these past few years for people interested in the home market, both buyers and sellers, to keep a constant eye on the state of home prices. Sellers are trying to see when they might be able to find the right price to enable them to sell without losing any money, and buyers are hoping they can time the market right to buy right at the bottom.

Coupled with this interest in home prices are the figures that are released regarding new home sales. We are seeing this past month’s numbers showing about a 6% increase in this figure, a statistic that leads some to believe we’re going to see a steady uptick in both real estate and the economy at large. The might cause joy or anguish depending on the side of the market you’re in.

What does this mean for a prospective home buyer who perhaps is ready to make the plunge in the market? Well, as usual, the answer will depend on the situation and the specifics of each buyer’s position. Ideally, however, regardless of the situation of home buyers they will make sure that they are as informed as possible and educated on both the market and the builders and developments in their area.

Keeping tabs on the state of the real estate market and the economy is clearly an important step, but since buying a home involves more than just trying to time the market for the best possible prices there are other factors.  Know that all homes are not built equally. You really have to make sure you find a new home builder you can trust with a reputation that is solid and a product that they strongly stand behind. In addition to the quality of the actual home, the residential community is equally important. You ideally want to live in a community that reflects the lifestyle you’d most like to live.

So in short, keeping a constant eye on the state of the market is always an important step in buying a home, but there is more to it than trying to time the market to perfection. In today’s market, as in any other, finding quality and a home that reflects what you’re looking for will usually pay in the long run.

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