Jul 222012

Are you always trying to experiment with new ways to save money? Well, there are certainly a lot of things we mention on this site that do just that like efficient budgeting, saving money, investing and looking for great loan and credit deals. These personal finance methods all add up to create an overall system that will help you get your own finances in order.

Well, consider some things that you might spend money on that aren’t absolutely necessary, but are sure nice to have. These little things add up over time and in the end let you have some of the things you like while still staying within an overall budget. Think of one good example, let’s say ringtones for iphone. You can certainly spend a bit of money experimenting with different ways to get new ringtones, but there are apps that will give you a lot of options to try a nearly continual stream of new ringtones to find the one you really like.

There is one app from Gemerix within iTunes that is certainly worth a try that has some pretty strong features and some really good reviews. Within this app you’ll get features like being able to browse a huge collection of ringtones on the iPhone and search by different things like a category or name. You can also use songs that are on your iPod library to make ringtones and then trim them just how you’d like. If you’re a creative sort, with this app you can also record and then customize your very own ringtones using the mic.

Instead of spending load of money downloading an endless stream of different ringtones to try, you can just use this app and have a bit of fund while you’re at it.

The reviews are pretty strong here as well, including statements like “I’ve tested different apps but this one is better than all of them. It’s intuitive, easy to use and the interface is simply stunning” and another that states that “the ringtones bank is HUGE and the quality is great. The sounds are fresh and unique.”

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