Mar 012013


Joe Duran’s new book, The Money Code: Improve Your Entire Financial Life Right Now, might just be one of the better books on helping you take control of your financial life.

Unlike a lot of personal finance books, The Money Code avoids the usual stale tips and tidbits that you’ll traditionally find and presents a more vivid journey to help put your finances in order. It offers a personal story that engages you while helping to learn something about yourself and your relationship with money.

The book has garnered some great reviews, both in the press and on Amazon customer reviews, and has recently found itself on the New York Times bestseller list! You can buy the book here and learn quite a bit more about the book on Duran’s website:

JoeThe Money Code is Duran’s third book. Joe John Duran is CEO and founding partner of United Capital, a top-ranked and fast growing wealth counseling firm, and he has been profiled in a number of publications such as Smart Money and the NYTimes.

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