Jul 142012

Keeping track of your personal financial world can be a complex and ever-changing exercise. There are times when everything falls into place–the bills are paid, money is saved, investments grow, college expenses are covered, retirement is planned and so forth. Other times, however, life throws a little curve ball and debts accrue, bills are overlooked […]

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Jun 252012

In the first installment of this series we explored some of the basic elements that make up debt management programs.  We wanted to give a general overview of what is involved and how this course of action could help somehow who might be in a position of needing a little help with their debt load. […]

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Jun 242012

Personal finance education is a pretty big part of what we discuss on PFJournal.  Some of the basics like budgeting, saving money, controlling your debt, hunting down good deals on credit cards and mortgages, and other key financial tools are all a part of the learning process. Tied to this concept is a good understanding […]

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Jun 142012

I have been reminded recently of some interesting facts regarding the need for specialization and the problem of finding a service within a specific industry. The truth is, the generalists of the past still have their place but increasingly, and I think this will continue, sometimes you really just need to find a specialist. For […]

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May 152012
A Useful Graphic on the 1099K Tax Form

The good folks at Outright.com, who specialize in easy, business accounting online, have whipped up a very useful and informative infographic to help explain the new 1099-K tax form. Additionally, the graphic has some interesting tax facts for small business owners like overlooked deductions and common tax credits. They also have some fun tidbits like […]

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May 122012
Exploring Florida Retirement Communities

Planning for retirement can be a challenge as we’ve discussed multiple times here at PFJournal. The difficult decisions start, hopefully, well before you retire and consist of saving money, making a budget, planning an appropriate retirement plan and so forth. The real fun begins, however, when you get to start thinking about where you want […]

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May 102012

We’ve covered a lot of the different ways to help eliminate debt. In fact, we’ve featured quite a few stories and articles on saving money, paying off credit cards, budgeting your financial resources and paying off your debt. There are times, however, when you are faced with a situation in which you need to take […]

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May 052012

I think over the last few years we’ve all really honed our skills at sniffing out deals and saving money.  This practice includes our everyday financial transactions, our little now-and-again indulgences, certainly our big purchases, and even our necessities. If you wear glasses, you clearly have to pencil them into your budget somewhere, but that […]

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Apr 192012

Unfortunately, in spite of one’s best efforts, it is possible to get in some serious debt troubles. It might begin innocently enough, but if not controlled early it could just get out of hand. Below are some tips to help eliminate your debt troubles, and if already have collectors bothering you, stop collection harassment for […]

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Mar 262012
A Useful Guide to Navigating the Financial Aid System

Planning for college is likely one of the most important financial moves a young person makes in his or her life up to this point.  It can also be quite a daunting task.  A recent NYTimes articles points out that “73 percent of undergraduates attending private four-year institutions received financial aid in the school year that […]

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Mar 132012
Keys to Success

Keys to Success Posted by Gaylord Campbell I was surprised how quickly I was able to get my home based business off the ground and running smoothly. Fortunately, one of the first things I did when setting myself up was install a Long Island T1 line. So far I have not been disappointed. I also spent a […]

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Feb 292012
Save Even More on Eyeglasses

Personal finance decisions vary wildly and consist of both ways to budget your money, invest, acquire and pay off loans and debt and save money. The daily decisions you make obviously have an impact on saving money and a great way to make good decision is to find the best deals on items you need…things […]

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Feb 202012
Handy Online Accounting Tool

There are certainly a lot of advantages to running a small business like being your own boss and contributing to the local economy. With this freedom comes some responsibilities that are often overlooked when a business owner decides to take the plunge and start up a business. One of the key aspects of running a […]

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Feb 072012

Investing comes in many flavors, and we try to cover quite many of the different methods and instruments for investors here at PFJournal.com. One of the more intriguing, yet often intimidating areas, of investing is penny stocks. Of course, there are numerous sites alleging to provide advice and seemingly random “hot picks”, but it’s hard […]

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Feb 042012

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton Does anyone else out there what the Kardashians as religiously as I do? I know that the really embarrassing thing to say as a grown adult but I just can’t get enough of those girls. When they first started out there were a lot more humble and […]

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